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A successful transformation of a marketable idea to a technology product requires not only a good idea itself, but also good vision, perseveration and determination.  As the idea matures to the development, manufacturing and marketing stages, additional investments and resources from value chain partners are needed.  Any misstep along this journey could lead to failure with the highest cost incurring at the end of the delivery process.  In corporate America, there are many known technology delivery processes, such as the leadership quality tool, the Toyota control process, the "kaizen", the technology readiness level, and the time-to-market process.  The strength of most of these processes is in discipline, lean (cost effective) and being efficient.  These processes are most effective in (advanced) development and manufacturing.  The glaring weaknesses are in the front end and the rear end of the innovation process.

Our founder is a seasoned technical leader.  Having worked in large R&D organizations for more than 30 years, he has taken many concepts and worked them to product launches.  His is a certified Lean-Six-Sigma Black Belt and has completed executive training at the California Institute of Technology on "Management of Technology Innovation" and "Strategic Marketing of Technology Products".  In addition to scientific research, our founder also has a passion for researching innovation processes to complement existing tools.  In the last 12 months, he has developed a proprietary technology innovation process, CI2D.  CI2D stands for CreateInnovateImplement and Deliver.  In the Create phase, a marketable idea is identified and developed.  Innovate is to transform the marketable idea to a product concept.  In the Implement phase, a product is developed and manufactured.  Deliver is simply delivering the product into the marketplace.

The strength of CI2D is in the front end and the rear end of the innovation process.  It emphasizes on the process to identify and develop the optimal marketable idea in the Create phase.  Investment in this phase is light relative to product development and manufacturing.  As seen in the above process drawing in this web page, the technology innovation process we envision is cyclic, not linear.  We see in-bound marketing as an integral part of Create.  The information generated in the Deliver phase, in terms of how to engage early adaptors and how to cross the chasm, would become inputs to Create.  At Research and Innovative Solutions, we strive for being a trusted partner in your technology delivery experience.
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